Our story

As born and raised citizens of Yvegem (dialect for Ingooigem), we are fascinated by our Belgian beer culture. To gain more knowledge in our Belgian beer landschape, we decided to take professional brew classes in 2018. These brew classes were given by an experienced brew mentor of one of the biggest breweries of Belgium. During these classes, different brew techniques were discussed in detail, which made our interest grew even more. Multiple test brews with different types of malts, hops and yeasts, brought us to unique recipes and by the end of 2020 three heavenly beers were born in Yvegem.

Keep on moving

Innovation and quality are a part of our core values. With the best selected malts, a great variety of yeasts, high quality hops we create our recipes according to a centuries-old brewing process. In Yvegem, we keep improving our test brews till our requirements have been met. That is why we are inspired and motivated to push to the limit – “Practice makes perfect”.

Yvegem & Streuvels

Somewhere in the South East of West Flanders, there is a small village called "Ingooigem" (colloquially known as Yvegem). It is a quiet and peaceful place where the famous writer Frank Lateur, pen name Stijn Streuvels, once wrote his beautiful novels. He was one of the most important writers in the Dutch literature. His work was mostly based on the poor life of farmers on the Flemish countryside and he gained his inspiration from his uncle "Guido Gezelle", who was also a famous poet.

Streuvels was nominated several times for the Nobel Prize in literature, however every time it was very close almost winning the award. Still some of his novels were filmed such as "De Vlaschaard" and "De Teleurgang van de Waterhoek" (Mira).

During his last years, Streuvels spent most of his time in Yvegem writing memoires until he passed away on 15th August 1969 at his home "Het Lijsternest", which is now a museum. His final resting place can still be visited at St Anthony's Church in Yvegem, next to the resting place of another famous writer and poet "Hugo Verriest". To this day, Stijn Streuvels still remains one of the most revered writers.




Take a look at our brewing process

We brew our recipes at Deca NV in Vleteren, a centuries-old brewery where tradition is still paramount. As quest brewers we use the brewing equipment provided by the brewery.

The old Belgian brewing method is closely applied by the use of the traditional brewing equipment, that consist of a mash tun, boil kettle, yeast and storage tanks.

From a small brew experiment at home to mass brewing!

belgabrew crushed malt yvegem


We select the right malts to mill in the malt crusher.

The light malts are used for our Yvegem Triple and Yvegem Blond. For our Yvegem Brown we use a mix of dark malts supplemented by other malts.

Crushing the malts correctly makes an ideal conversion of the starch into fermentable sugars and a perfect filter bed in the mashing.


During the mashing, the crushed malts are added to the heated water. It is in this process that the starch is converted into fermentable sugars, that later on turns it into alcohol.

After completing the different stages of our brewing schedule and adjusting the temperature when necessary, we let the mash settle for a while in order to form a filter bed.

belgabrew yvegem mash tun
belgabrew filter yvegem


When the filter bed is formed, the mash is then separated into wort and spent grain. During this process, the malt extract (wort) is drained off at a very slow pace according to the old Belgian brewing technique. The wort, that consists of the content of the malt, is then pumped into a boil kettle. The malt enzymes are then wiped out and the excess of water is then evaporated by the heat, which makes the wort sterilize.


Every year during the harvest of the hops, we carefully select our hops at the hop farm. We use hops that are 100% cultivated in Belgium and all impurities are removed and vacuum-packed after the harvest. The hops are then stored in a cold place to keep the highest quality.

When the wort reaches its boiling point in the kettle, we then add the hop. It is in this stage that the bitterness and the aromas from the hops are added to the beer. Depending on the type of beer, herbs and other ingredients can also be added to the boiled wort. When this process is completed, the boiled wort is then cooled down.

BELGIAN hops to make YVEGEM beer
belgabrew yvegem gistingkuip


After the wort is cooled down, it is then pumped into an open fermentation tank. These open fermentation tanks are completely made of brass and are a century old, which makes our brewing process pure craftmanship.

Yeast is added to convert the sugars into alcohol. The type of yeast is also decisive for the taste of the beer.

Cold Storage

During this phase the beer matures in cold storage tanks. All impurities (proteins and polyphenols) are settled to the bottom and unpleasant odours are removed. This can take a couple of weeks or even months depending on the type of beer.

Every storage tank is equipped with an airlock filled up with water in order to seal the beer from the outside air and at the same time CO2 can be released.


belgabrew yvegem lagertanks
beer is bottled and sealed with a crown cap


After maturing in the cold storage tanks, we always take samples to check if the beer meets our requirements of taste. When the taste is approved, yeast is added to referment in the bottle in order to start the bottling. Before the bottles are filled with beer and sealed with a crown cap, they undergo a thorough rinse with hot water to remove all impurities.

When the beer has been bottled and labelled with our Yvegem label, it is then stored in the hot room for a smooth refermentation.

Ready for consumption!

Once the beer has been refermented in the hot room and there is enough CO2 with a rich head when serving, then it is ready for consumption!

The crates can be shipped all around the world to beverage dealers, bars, pubs, restaurants, etc so people can enjoy a fresh traditional Yvegem! Cheers!

"Yvegem, the divine beer on earth!"

pallet of BELGIAN Yvegem beer

Our beer

Yvegem Triple

belgabrew yvegem tripel bier Belgian craft beer

Discover Yvegem Triple, which has a golden colour, a soft aromatic taste and a pleasant bitter aftertaste. It is thé perfect combination of sweetness and bitterness. It tastes like heaven!

Flawless flavour, years of Belgian brewing tradition carried out with passion are the key ingredients to enjoy Yvegem Triple!

Proudly crafted and brewed in Belgium at Deca Services NV by the old Belgian brewing tradition. BelgaBrew uses 100% Belgian Hops and therefore the non-profit organisation "H.O.P." has granted us the golden logo for this.(www.belgischehop.be)


Type of beer



Golden yellow


8 %

Net content

33 cl / 11.2 fl oz 

Serving temperature

8°C – 12°C


Store cool, dark and upright

Yvegem Brown

Yvegem Brown with its dark and nice creamy head colour, of which all ingredients in this beer create a perfectly balanced taste and provides an intense pleasure and soft aftertaste.

With its exceptional aroma and nice flavour, it is the ideal combination with a piece of cheese.

Approved by the non profit organisation H.O.P., we are pleased to announce that BelgaBrew also uses 100% Belgian hops for Yvegem Brown and therefore we have also received the golden logo for this.(www.belgischehop.be)

belgabrew yvegem brown filled in yvegem beer glass Belgian craft beer


Type of beer



Dark brown


8 %

Net content

33 cl / 11.2 fl oz 

Serving temperature

8°C – 12°C


Store cool, dark and upright

Yvegem Blond

belgabrew yvegem blond beer filled in yvegem glass Belgian craft beer

Yvegem Blond, with its subtle blend of carefully selected hops, malts and fruity yeast creates a soft and pleasant aftertaste.

Approved by the non profit organisation H.O.P., we are pleased to announce that BelgaBrew also uses 100% Belgian hops for Yvegem Brown and therefore we have also received the golden logo for this.(www.belgischehop.be)


Type of beer





7 %

Net content

33 cl / 11.2 fl oz 

Serving temperature

8°C – 12°C


Store cool, dark and upright

Points of sale

Places where you can purchase Yvegem!

Deca Brewery NV
Elverdingestraat 4
8640 Vleteren

Berchemweg 224
9700 Melden

Bierhalle Deconinck
Bosstraat 37A
8570 Vichte

Drankcenter Schotte NV
Bieststraat 6
8790 Waregem

Pastoor Verrieststraat 41
8570 Ingooigem

Bakkerij Dewaele Tom & Cindy
Pastoor Verrieststraat 2
8570 Ingooigem

Prima Dirk & Hilde
Oostdorp 1
8573 Tiegem

De Wijnkelder NV
Oudenaardebaan 10
9690 Kluisbergen

’t Parlement
Eilandstraat 4
8530 Harelbeke

Dorpstraat 2
8952 Wulvergem

Huis Maria
Brugsesteenweg 9
8531 Hulste

Huis Maria
Rollegemstraat 173
8880 Ledegem

Café Par Hasard
Grote Leiestraat 80
8570 Anzegem

Café Nieuw Yvegem
Ingooigemstraat 9
8570 Ingooigem

Brood & Broodjes
Ingooigemplaats 51
8570 Ingooigem

Little Handmade Stories
Doorniksesteenweg 34
8580 Avelgem

Huis Christophe Demeyer BV
Moenhage 21
8552 Moen

Taverne ’t Peerdeke
Markt 3
8790 Waregem

Brasserie D’Hoppe
Houppe 6
7880 Flobecq – Vloesberg

De Reisduif
Vierkeerstraat 15
8551 Heestert

De Zandvlooi
Passionistenstraat 48
9770 Kruisem

Schellebellestraat 7
8570 Ingooigem

Café Het Centrum
Kerkstraat 1
8552 Moen

De Sportduif
Dorpsplein 13
8570 Anzegem

Rock Circus
Overpoortstraat 22
9000 Gent

Dranken Geers
Ledergemstraat 7
9041 Oostakker

Fazantendreef 3
9690 Kluisbergen

Deba Catering
Waregemstraat 392
8540 Deerlijk

Café De Halve Maan
Plasstraat 26
8790 Waregem

’t Schuttershof
Pontstraat 1
8572 Kaster

’t Leiebolleke
Dorpsstraat 69
9870 Zulte

Bar Noorman
Wortegemsesteenweg 54
8570 Anzegem

De Sopraan
Stationsstraat 10
8790 Waregem

Bistro De Stokerie
Otegemstraat 269
8550 Zwevegem

Restaurant Ten Errewaerde
Terras Café Majestic
Plein 8
8551 Heestert

Café Den Heirweg
Vichtsesteenweg 110
8570 Anzegem

Land van Streuvels
Schellebellestraat 11
8570 Ingooigem

Pareelstraat 7
8570 Vichte

Otegemstraat 22
8550 Zwevegem

’t Balladehof
Hoogstraat 15
8554 Zwevegem

Koffiehuis Mokka en Meer
Kapelstraat 20
8540 Deerlijk

Café Bonjour
Einestraat 30
9700 Oudenaarde

Maison Reynaert
Beukenhofstraat 89
8570 Vichte

Friethuis De Brug
Otegemstraat 276
8550 Zwevegem

’t Brouwerijtje
Rijksweg 42
8710 Sint-Baafs-Vijve


Prik & Tik Clarysse Dranken
Oudenaardsesteenweg 74 – 76
8580 Avelgem

Schellebellestraat 8
8570 Ingooigem

Dikkebusseweg 308
8908 Ieper

De Brasserie
Kerkstraat 13
8580 Avelgem

Drankencentrale Decuypere
Deerlijksesteenweg 38
8530 Harelbeke

De Korenbloem
Wuipelstraat 35
9690 Kluisbergen

Eethuis Caffien
Stationsstraat 8
8770 Ingelmunster

Chalet ’t Zakske
Harent 1
8580 Avelgem

Hert & Ziel
Ter moude 9
8552 Moen

Krevelstraat 1
8581 Avelgem

Dranken M.M. Meurez
Scheldekaai 13
9690 Kluisbergen

Salons Leieburcht
Emiel Clausstraat 41
8793 Sint-Eloois-Vijve

Fleure De Lys
Wielsbeeksestraat 68
8710 Wielsbeke

’t Vliegend Paard
Brugsestraat 168
8531 Hulste

Pop-Up Bar Chez Maurice
Paulatemstraat 63
9630 Zwalm

Bistro De Waterkant
Oeverlaan 33
8552 Moen

De Sportskeure
Nijverheidslaan 6
8890 Dadizele

Jeugdcentrum – BV Compleet
Zuiderlaan 46
8790 Waregem

Drankenservice Rudy Ampe
Elf Juli Singel 10
8770 Ingelmunster

’t Oud Gemeentehuis
Moenplaats 1
8552 Moen

AD Delhaize Waregem
Gentseweg 602
8793 Waregem

Ommersheimplein 2

8570 Vichte

Hof Ter Kwaremont
Ommegangstraat 1
9690 Kluisbergen

Clarysse Dranken Ronse
Ninovestraat 74
9600 Ronse

Clarysse Dranken Eine
Nestor de Tièrestraat 94
9700 Eine

Clarysse Dranken Edelare
Lucien Vandefonteynelaan 41
9700 Edelare

Clarysse Dranken Zottegem
Godveerdegemstraat 173
9620 Zottegem

Clarysse Dranken Deux Acren
Chaussée de Grammont 35
7864 Deux-Acren

La Bourse de Commerce
Grote Markt 30
9600 Ronse

Clarysse Dranken Zwalm
Paulatemstraat 42
9630 Zwalm

Gemeenteplein 14
8790 Waregem

De Biertempel
Grasmarkt Straat 56
1000 Brussel

Drinxit Oeselgem
Wakkensesteenweg 43
8720 Oeselgem

Drinxit Ooigem
Hulstersestraat 41
8710 Ooigem

Drinks Soetens
Lieutenant Cottonstraat 39A
7880 Flobecq (Vloesberg)

De Kauwackers
Kauwakkerstraat 1
8950 Heuvelland

Frituur Ter Katte
Doornikserijksweg 78
8510 Bellegem

Aveve Deerlijk
Vichtesteenweg 42
8540 Deerlijk


Any queries or are you interested in selling our beer? Get in touch with us!

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